The International Day of Forests was held o 21/3/2015 at Ndabibi Primary School (one of the WorldLife Waterboxx project schools).The school was chosen to host the event due to its effort work of planting tress around the school with the help of the Waterboxx project an climate innovative project of  WorldLife Foundation in the Netherlands. This has beautified the environment and created awareness on importance of trees and indigenous forests in combination with food crops.

The school is located near Eburu forest which is a major water catchment area albeit in danger of being diminished due to forest fires and deforestation by local people.Thankfully the Kenya Forest Service is doing its best to ensure the forest does not diminish by arresting those involved in deforestation and taking necessary actions and planting different species of trees.

The Cabinet Secretary in charge of Environment plants a commemorative tree. The day was graced by Prof Judy Wakhungu the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Water and Natural Resources, who planted a tree to commemorate the occasion. Later there was entertainment from Ndabibi Primary School, Ndabibi Central Primary School, Ndabibi Secondary School, Emmanuel Primary School, the Kenya Forest Service Choir and also the mazingira womens group.


Speaker after speaker stressed the importance planting trees for a better tomorrow and warning people on the effects of deforestation and starting wild fires and the benefits of forests our environment



The Head teacher of Ndabibi primary school welcomed all the guests present. He talked about the success of tree planting through the waterboxxes project in the school and asked for improved roads to the school from the government. He also asked for a borehole to be constructed in the school so as to provide water for trees and students .He then urged the community to come together and help curb deforestation and help in restoration of Eburu forest for the sake of a better tommorow.



The waterboxxes

The cabinet Secretary Prof. Judy Wakhungu in her speech talked about conserving the environment and the forests so as to continue enjoying the benefits of forests. She also urged the community to avoid causing bushfires like those in Mau forest, Eburu forest and Menengai forest

The cabinet Secretary in Charge of Environment makes her speech

Other speeches were made by the Director Kenya Forest Service Mr Emilio Mugo, Board of Chairman Mr Peter Kirikwa,. They all talked about conservation of forests so as to curb climate changes and scarcity of rain in the country. They also talked about the need for communities to come together and plant trees and seek alternative means of fuel apart from firewood and charcoal which has led to deforestation and forest fires in the area.

The event was then concluded by the National Anthem and then a word of prayer.Everyone was urged to plant trees in their farms and homes so as to make kenya a beautiful green country for better lives and good environmental conditions i.e flowing rivers, good quantities of rain and abundance of food and water.This way both animals and human beings will have a better place to stay.

In conclusion the event helped to create awareness on the importance of forests and the need to conserve them. The community was urged to plant trees in their homes so as to save forests from diminishing as they are important water catchment areas and habitats to various animals.

The Wildlife Clubs of Kenya – Nakuru would like to acknowledge, The Kenya Forest Service for designating the International Forest Day to be held at Ndabibi Primary School. We also wish to acknowledge Ndabibi Primary School for their efforts in making the Waterboxxes pilot of WorldLife Foundation a success.